Our Charter


Our Mission

To promote and provide current information and education to all health professionals working in organ donation and transplantation interested in the transplant field and associated areas.

To develop a network of members with common interests in transplantation, to discuss and explore professional and ethical issues.

To foster and facilitate a collaborative environment for transplant health professionals to provide the highest attainable level of patient care.


Our Objectives

Promote quality holistic care for patients and families involved in the transplantation process.
Provide evidence based standards of care for all health care professionals caring for such patients.
In conjunction with other multidisciplinary health team members, foster open communication to ensure the maintenance of optimal physical and psychological care for the patient and family.
Educate its members in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that may result in organ and tissue transplantation.
Promote the principle of equitable access for all patients seeking organ and tissue transplantation.
Provide and promote education to all health care professionals and the public in all areas of transplantation.
Promote recognition and acknowledgement of the donor and donor family.
Encourage and promote research, continuing education and the dissemination of information via the Transplant Journal of Australasia, published tri-annually.
Respond to issues affecting the practice of organ and tissue transplantation.
Liaise and consult with other national and international professional organisations involved in organ and tissue donation and transplantation.
Act as a resource group to the community and all health care professionals.

More About TNA

Our Constitution
Please download a copy of the TNA’s constitution.
TNA Strategic Plan
Please download a copy of the TNA’s Strategic Plan.