TNA Scholarships

TNA Scholarships Provide Financial Assistance

General scholarships provide financial assistance to members to attend National and International conferences. TNA proudly provides two rounds of scholarships per year.

To be eligible for consideration applicants must be current TNA members and have been financial for the last two years. You will not be eligible if you have received funding from TNA in the last three years.

The National and State Executive committee members meet to review funding requests after scholarship closing dates. Successful applicants will be notified.

Christine Ellis

National Secretary

Christine Ellis

National Secretary


Application Deadline

At present two rounds of scholarships are being offered in 2024. Please ensure that your applications are in on time to the National Secretary by the following dates:

1st Round: Monday 18th March 2024 @ 5pm EST | 2nd Round: Monday 9th July 2024 @ 5pm EST


Information For Scholarships

Scholarship Guidelines
Please download a copy of the TNA’s Scholarship Guidelines.
Scholarship Form
Please download a copy of the TNA’s Scholarship Form.