Aviva Rosenfeld Award 2021 – Excellence in Patient Care in Transplantation

2021 Aviva Rosenfeld Award Flyer

This award has been established in honour of Aviva Rosenfeld (TSANZ Executive Office from 1996 – 2015)  This award recognises an outstanding health care provider who has demonstrated excellence in patient care in transplantation- by putting patients/family first, involving patients in care, communicating effectively and providing compassionate and empathetic care.

Nominations close January 15 2021. Click:  https://tsanz.com.au/awardsandfellowships/ for the online nomination form.

Eligibility: Any health care provider, must be practicing in Australia or New Zealand,      you DO NOT have to be a member of TSANZ.

Please direct any questions to tsanz@tsnaz.com.au

Good Luck.


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