Special Interest Groups


Special Interest Groups (SIG) provide members who have a common interest in organ & tissue donation & transplantation the opportunity to:

  • network / peer group support
  • problem solve / share expertise
  • Collaborate for research / education



Anyone who is a TNA member is eligible to join a SIG.


How to join or start a SIG

Members who wish to join a SIG should contact the person nominated in the Transplant Nurses Journal (TNJ) for the transplant area of interest. If there is currently no SIG for the area of interest new groups can be commenced by submitting a written request to the secretary of the TNA to be discussed at the National Executive meeting.



Communication between the SIG will predominantly be by e-mail contact. There will be an opportunity at the annual conference for the SIG to meet for a face-to-face discussion. Contact the organising committee with any specific requirements. Method of communication is at the discretion of the SIG members.



The members of the SIG can elect/nominate a chairperson. If two people or more wish to be chairperson then elections must be held. There is no limit to the number of years a chairperson can stand. Elections should be help at the Annual National Conference.



Whoever is elected Chairperson is responsible for writing reports to appear in each addition of the TNJ (tri-annually) and updates for the TNA website, with a copy to the National Secretary.



If wishing to disband a SIG, contact the secretary of TNA about the circumstances leading to this decision (there may be help or an alternative that can be arranged). Otherwise a report will be entered into the TNJ and website outlining the disbandment and reasons why.


Special Interest Groups for TNA

  • Renal
  • Liver
  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Blood and Marrow
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Organ Donation
  • Operating Theatre