Updated Version of Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors.

The Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ), have released an update version 1.7 of  Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors (the Clinical Guidelines).

TSANZ Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors
The Clinical Guidelines (TSANZ) inform eligibility and assessment criteria for organ transplantation, and protocols for the allocation of deceased donor organs to wait-listed patients. Version 1.7 includes the following updates:

  • Section 2.4 Risk of donor transmitted malignancy. Led by Dr Sarah White a working group was set up to review the recommendations in this chapter. The chapter has been updated to provide more detailed guidance on donor assessment and organ utilisation in the circumstance where there is potential for an increased risk of cancer transmission.
  • Paediatric allocation recommendations located in:
    • 6.5.3 – Paediatric donor liver allocation
    • 11.4 – Paediatric lung donation and allocation
    • 11.5 – Paediatric heart donation and allocation
    • Inclusion of 11.5.1 Paediatric heart-lung blocs and allocation

Please click this  link to access the new guidelines:

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