Exclusive Education Event for Vic/Tas Members

Novartis pharmaceuticals along with the Victorian branch of the TNA has put together an innovative educational series for transplant ward nurses, coordinators as well as research nurses that are involved in transplantation research. Topics that will be covered during this educational event will be relevant to our day to day practices.
The proposed format consists of 8 podcasts (each podcast will run for approximately 15-20 minutes). Topics include.
• Transplant immunology
• HLA and tissue typing
• Marginal donors
• Recipient workup (kidney, heart and liver)
• Immunosuppressive regimens
• Side effects of immunosuppressant medications
• Long term outcomes post transplantation (malignancy, diabetes,infection)
Followed by a face to face component in which a complex case scenario will be discussed in depth by a panel of nurses, pharmacists and nephrologist/hepatologist.
Sign Up Today- Register Interest by Tuesday 1st August by emailing: info@tna.asn.au

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